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Above the Clouds

Relief Now 

Overcoming Trauma With EMDR


I provide individual and couples  therapy for healing trauma and developing relationship skills.  I work primarily with an evidence based treatment called EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) but also utilize somatic and relational approaches, expressive arts therapy, hypnosis and guided visualization.  In addition, I provide practical guidance and solution oriented coaching to assist you in your growth process.  Research has shown that talk therapy alone can not always relieve you of your symptoms, working with the interrelationship of the body, mind and spirit is the key to true and lasting healing.  


I have  been licensed since 1997 and have  extensive experience as a consultant, supervisor and clinician in the Bay Area.  I obtained my clinical social work degree at the University of Michigan, did formal training in psychiatric hospital settings and have worked in several non profits with families in disadvantaged communities. I am a trained EMDR provider.  In addition, I have been influenced by other experts in this field such Sandra Paulson, Peter Levine, Laurel Parnell and Andrew Leeds.  I am certified EMDR specialist and have been performing this treatment since 2012.  


severe anxiety and depression

relationship problems

complex trauma (childhood abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, ritual abuse and intergenerational abuse)


substance abuse and dependency

conscious aging and eldering

pain management 

performance anxiety 

working with complex medical conditions postpartum depression

grief and loss


About my Practice

I start with a free 10 to 15 minutes free telephone consultation and when moving forward will schedule you for a face to face or video conference initial meeting.  During this time I will introduce myself, the work and begin getting to know you and your needs.  The first three meetings will be used for assessing  your needs and establishing a positive and trusting rapport.  I will work collaboratively with you and develop a plan for your treatment.  In the initial phases of treatment, I will focus on establishing symptom relief and if necessary stabilization.  I have numerous techniques to draw upon such as  the use of CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mindfulness, compassion building, identification and understanding the origins of your pains and hurts, expressive arts therapy and connecting you to your spiritual core and essence. Many of us are desperately craving connection and belonging.  Part of my work is to reach deeply into this basic human need and find together ways to build this; deceasing isolation and loneliness is essential in any helping field and I take that seriously in my work with others.  Often times but not always the folks that I am working with are introduced to this powerful healing tool I have been intimately working with for years, EMDR, if appropriate we can utilize this method.  Often times individuals are able to heal from issues they have been caring around and suffering with for years transforming old ways of seeing and experiencing the self into a new way of being. 

pink sand

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” 
― Pema Chödrön

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