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"Deborah is a caring therapist who tailors treatment to your current needs. She is comfortable dealing with individuals and couples. After two years of treatment she helped me with a variety of issues. She encourages honesty in the patient / therapist relationship and gave me a safe space to communicate tough issues. I would highly recommend her services."anonymous 

"Deborah has positively influences my everyday life. Her capacity to listen and

provide insightful guidance is just one of the many skills she brings to the therapy

setting. She has given me the capacity of self-talk and find space to be truly happy,

healthy, and whole in terms of body, mind, and spirit."Mike Martin Ph.D UC Berkeley Professor

"Deborah is an incredibly professional, caring and intelligent therapist.  She has a lot of diverse and interesting approaches to a variety of issues.  She specializes in trauma and has been extremely helpful to me as I've navigated issues related to trauma. I highly recommend her. Eliza S. LCSW

"I saw Deborah for four years and I think she's phenomenal--at least, she was a great fit for me. We mainly talked about grad school/life angst, and she was a deeply empathic listener and gave great advice/affirmations. One of the things that I most appreciated about her was that she studies many alternative healing practices (e.g., art, music, visualizations, yoga, psychosomatic methods, energy work), and--at my request--drew upon elements of them in our sessions."Manuel Rosado Ph.D

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